3 Back to School Tips

Young boy walking to school on unpaved road. Trees and grass in the background.

We can’t believe summer is coming to an end! With the upcoming Labor Day holiday signaling the end of summer, students of all ages are preparing for back-to-school season. From kindergarten all the way up to college, those first few weeks back can be an adjustment. Don’t worry, because we’re here to help! Whether you’re a student or parent of a student, our three tips for back-to-school with help make the upcoming new school year a breeze. 

Stay Organized

A new school year comes with new schedules, routines, and activities outside of school. It can be very hard to stay on top of everything that’s going on! Using an agenda or planner to record due dates, important events, and to-dos can help you stay organized. Creating a routine around a well-updated agenda or planner helps with time management and staying on top of to-dos. Have some fun with it! Try using stickers or color-coding for upcoming events or due dates. After the first few weeks are complete, you should have a better sense of a schedule, which can help you plan ahead too.

Develop a Sleep Schedule

A student’s work-load will fluctuate throughout the year and so will the time necessary to complete it. This can cut into free time and more importantly, a student’s sleep schedule. Setting a time for bed and consistently sticking to it on a school night helps ensure a student is getting enough sleep and that they have a better chance of paying attention in class. Cutting back on screen time before bed can also be a huge help!

Get to Know the Teachers

As a parent or student, you may wonder if you will like the teacher or professor you’ll be interacting with for the semester or year. Will they provide feedback? Do they have clear expectations? The best way to find out the answers to these and other important questions is by getting to know the teacher or professor. Find out if they prefer to meet in person or if they’re easily accessible via phone or email. Being familiar with one another can be a great asset as the school year progresses. Taking advantage of a professor’s office hours can be especially beneficial to college students.

At HHHunt Homes, we believe it’s how you live that matters and enjoy providing you with helpful tips and suggestions. We wish parents and students alike a fantastic new school year!