Happy Homeowners

“Stonebridge Gardens Testimonial”

“River Mill Testimonial”

“Granite Falls Testimonial”

Construction manager, Brian, did a great job. The New Home Advisor did a great job keeping us informed!

Tiffany – Raleigh, NC

“Praise for Vickie Skutans”

Vickie Skutans was great all the way through the process!

Andrew and Kelly – Williamsburg, VA

“Praise for Kristen and Mark”

Excellent guidance for first time homeowners. Kristen was very friendly and courteous. Preferred lender, Mark Wooten, was very knowledgeable.

Christopher – Raleigh, NC

“Praise for Whitney and Justin”

Whitney was just pleasant all the time. Justin was great with the home tour. House was immaculate!​

Gary – Richmond, VA

“The Reserve at Wackena Testimonial”

Process was very seamless and progressed 100% on schedule.​

William – Raleigh, NC

“Praise for Eric and Brian”

Both Eric, the construction manager, and Brian were amazing at making sure each detail was correct and went above and beyond! We also liked how much patience was shown at the design gallery with all of our questions, and loved being able to customize our home so much!​

Paul and Jennifer – Richmond, VA

“Watermark - Carl & Elaine”

Eric Werner and Amanda Kaltenschnee are 2 great members of the HHHunt team. Whenever there has been confusion the 2 find the answer and communicate it in a way that makes me the customer feel respected and appreciated. I manage staff that works with customers and have used the two multiple times to explain the correct way to addressing customer's needs and questions. Working with the two makes my wife and I very proud to be purchasing a home with HHHunt.

Carl & Elaine – Chesterfield, VA

“Praise for Gwenn, Christine, and Mike”

Gwenn Clarke, Christine Brown, and Mike Herndon have all been great to work with. So far, I've been impressed with the process as well as the quality of construction. I'm excited to move into my HH Hunt house in a few weeks.

Kimberly – Raleigh, NC

“Praise for Renee, Christine, and Brian”

Renee Aquilino, Christine Brown, and Brian Mitchell, these three have been awesome during this process.

Spencer – Raleigh, NC

“Bexley Meadows Testimonial”

Brian Hunt has done an excellent job. My wife and I feel very comfortable with our purchase. I thought it would be a difficult process with the virus going on but Brian has kept us well informed and everything seems to be moving forward as planned. Thank you!

Edward & Terri – North Chesterfield, VA