Tips for Downsizing Your Home

Millions of homeowners choose to downsize their homes every year. Downsizing years of accumulated items that are special to you can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out our tips for downsizing your home:

Plan Ahead: Everyone has items that they may not want to part with when downsizing. We recommend involving family members in the downsizing process early-on. Give them the opportunity to choose items they might want to hold onto. This will allow everyone to move smoothly through the process.

Be Firm: Standing in front of your closet, you might think that just because you haven’t worn this jacket in two years doesn’t mean you might not wear it one day soon. We’ve all been there. When choosing what items get to move with you, only create “yes” and “no” boxes – never “maybe” boxes. This will force you to make a decision on what goes and what should stay.

Start Small: How did you accumulate so much? Small things can add up. When downsizing, it’s easiest to start with small things that can be donated like books, linens, decorations, etc. You can also hold a yard sale, put up items for sale online, or offer them to people for free.

Minimize Duplicates: Open up a kitchen drawer. Do you really need 10 different spatulas? The kitchen is one room of the home that collects the most duplicate items.  Remove them! Only keep what you will use and need.

Confidence: It’s difficult to part with things that you have owned for a long time. Be confident in your decisions for keeping or discarding items as you go through the process. This is a new and exciting chapter so stay confident!

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