Tips For Staying Active This Summer

woman in orange top doing yoga outdoors spring summer exercise

At HHHunt, we love the summer season. The longer, brighter days give everyone more time to do the things they enjoy the most. For us, that is spending time outdoors!

We believe it is how you live that matters and want to help you make the most of the summer. Here are four tips for enjoying outdoor activities during the warm summer months.

Stay Hydrated

If you are spending time outdoors in high temperatures, you should drink plenty of fluids to replenish the electrolytes and salt you lose while being active. Drink one to two glasses of water before, drink water every 15 minutes during, and one to two glasses after your activity.

Protect Your Skin

Grab a hat before you head outside to keep your head cool and the sun off your face. And be sure to lather up with sunscreen! Using a sunscreen that’s at least SPF 45 and reapplying every two hours will keep your skin from burning, giving you more time to enjoy being outside!

Pick the Right Time

Certain parts of the day can be HOT. Try scheduling your outdoor activities outside of 10 am to 3 pm, when temperatures are at their highest. You will find cooler temperatures during the early hours and closer to sunset.

Consider Low Impact Activities

Not everything you do outside needs to be physically challenging. Consider low-impact activities like yoga or swimming that will not overheat you during warmer temperatures. Yoga is a great group activity if you’re looking for something to do with friends, while swimming will naturally keep you cool and provide a total body workout. 

Wear Light-Colored and Loose Clothing

Wearing light-colored and loose clothing reflects sunlight and keeps the body cooler. Most importantly, it helps with sweat evaporation. Fabrics that breathe easily but do not absorb moisture are best. Avoid cotton and other fabrics that retain sweat and could create a body temperature imbalance.

We hope our homeowners use these tips when enjoying the season and all the outdoor amenities their communities have to offer, such as biking and walking trails, basketball courts, swimming pools and more! Let us know how you will be spending the summer in your community on our Instagram and other social channels and use #HowYouLive. Stay cool!