9 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Colder Temperatures

There is no doubt about it. Autumn has arrived in Virginia and North Carolina. Brisk mornings make way for cooler days and the leaves on the trees have started changing colors. Now is the time to start preparing your home for colder temperatures. We’ve put together a list of our top nine recommendations to get your home ready for Winter.

  • Remove Leaves and Aerate Your Lawn: The Summer months can be especially tough on a lawn. This past Summer, we did not have as much rain in Virginia and North Carolina as usual which means the turf is vulnerable to disease. Removing leaves and aerating your lawn now will allow important nutrients to enter the soil.
  • Clean Gutters and Downspouts: Autumn leaves look pretty but they also fall meaning your gutters are filling up with debris. Make sure you clean your gutters and downspouts frequently during the Autumn months to keep them free of any blockages which could result in water backing up.
  • Replace HVAC Filters and Vacuum Vents: Over the summer months, a lot of allergens, dirt, and debris can flow into your HVAC system. Before switching over to the heat setting, make sure you replace filters and vacuum out all the vents. Keeping airflow unrestricted saves on energy costs and lessens the likelihood of any problems during the Winter.
  • Deep Clean Kitchen Appliances: Generally speaking, we tend to use our major kitchen appliances more during the Winter months. Whether you are cooking for the holidays or just entertaining guests, doing a deep clean of your kitchen appliances will ensure they run smoothly during colder temperatures.
  • Inspect and Clean Chimney: When it is cold outside, everyone loves a good fire in the fireplace. An annual inspection and cleaning of your chimney is an important part of ensuring the safety of your home. Soot and debris can build up in your chimney when it is not in use during the Summer so it is important to clean out any possible blockages before you use your fireplace.
  • Cover and Put Away all Outdoor Furniture: Outdoor furniture is great during the warmer months but needs to be protected when it starts getting cold outside. Cover and put away all outdoor furniture when it is not being used. This will ensure its longevity for years to come. 
  • Check Fire Extinguishers: Fire extinguishers should be checked twice a year to make sure they are working properly, and the Autumn is the perfect time to scratch this “to-do” item off your list. During the Winter, we tend to use our fireplace, ovens, and candles more frequently and these items generate a significant amount of heat. Making sure your fire extinguishers are in working order will help protect you from any mishaps.
  • Insulate Exposed Pipes: Winterizing outdoor faucets before freezing temperate protects your home. Water can freeze in pipes which causes pressure to incrhease and often results in bursts. Insulating exposed pipes will greatly reduce the likelihood of this happening.
  • Check Hot Water Heater: Maintaining your hot water heater is not something we think about every day, but it is important – especially as the cold weather arrives. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions provided by your water heater’s manufacturer.

At HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters and we are here to help you protect your most important asset. Use the Autumn wisely and prepare for the colder temperatures ahead.