Summer Gardening Tips

woman smelling flowers in yard spring summer garden

When we think about summer, we don’t always think about gardening. Warmer temperatures and infrequent rain can make gardening more challenging this time of year. That being said, maintaining or even growing new plants during the summer months can pay off. Here are some of our top summer gardening tips.

Heat Tolerant Vegetable Gardens

Who doesn’t love a fresh selection of vegetables from the garden? There are several vegetables that actually love the summer heat, including lima beans, watermelon, hot peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. In fact, these vegetables thrive in warmer temperatures! The key is to make sure they receive enough water and are covered from direct sunlight. You can use something simple like an old sheet or burlap for cover.

Prune Away Dead Debris

There are plenty of flowers and plants that love the sun, but they need special care. Be sure to prune away diseased, damaged, or dead debris from your plants frequently. This ensures they receive the sunlight and airflow necessary to survive and thrive. Pruning also helps keep insects away from the healthy part of the plant.

Stay on Top of Weeding

Unfortunately, the summer months are challenging when it comes to weed growth. Weeds can grow very quickly and can easily take over flowerbeds and gardens. Adding mulch at the start of the summer is a good way to help keep weeds at bay. If you see any weeds popping up, be sure to take care of them quickly because they will multiply and grow. 

Thin Out Plants

Thinning out your garden in summer helps ensure healthier, more robust plantings in the fall and spring. A simple rule of thumb is that plants should have two finger widths between them. This allows the root structure to grow underground and provides each plant with the sunlight they need to thrive. If you planted seasonal flowers during the spring, it is time to change those out so that the dead material does not impact the growth of other plants.

Water. Water. Water.

Soil can dry up quickly during the summer because the water evaporates at a rapid pace. Keep your garden looking healthy by staying on top of your watering. Depending on the type of plant, you could be looking at between 1-3 inches of water every other day if there isn’t any rain in the forecast. To control your water bill, consider purchasing a rain barrel to capture as much water as possible when it does rain. At HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters and love sharing new ideas and tips on how you can keep your home looking great year-round!