DIY Home Decorating Tips for Winter

Shorter days and colder temperatures don’t lend for much time outdoors. Why not spend the winter months enhancing your home with some creative DIY projects? We love DIY projects because they inspire creativity and allow your imagination to run wild with possibilities. We’ve put together a list of ideas to get you started.

Utility Bucket Ottoman: Kicking your feet up on a cold winter day and enjoying a good book or watching some TV sounds nice. What about kicking your feet up on a utility bucket turned ottoman? This super cute and fun way to dress up your home is easy to do and only requires a handful of materials – many of which you can find in any home. You will love knowing that you’ve taken something drab from the garage and turned it into a showcase piece for your living room or den.

Comfy Rug from Scratch: Speaking of winter, there are few things better than a soft comfy rug to keep your feet warm. Rather than spending money on a store-bought rug, why not make one yourself? This DIY Rug from Scratch is a really clever way to take very simple items and turn them into something extraordinary. All you need is some multi-use netting, cotton piping, rubber bands and scissors. That’s all you need, which makes this one of the most cost-effective rugs you will ever own!

Sleep Tight with Weighted Blankets: The benefits of weighted blankets are immeasurable. They help the body relax with the right amount of pressure that resembles a warm hug. You can create the perfect weighted blanket for you or a family member or friend for very little money, time or effort. The best part is that this design is machine washable, so no expensive dry-cleaning bills.

Paint Swatch Calendar: As you are counting down the days until Spring you can do it on a colorful paint swatch calendar. This fun calendar is completely customizable as you choose which paint swatches you want to use! The best part is that this whole project only takes a couple of hours and is very inexpensive.

At HHHunt Homes, we believe it’s how you live that matters and we love to get creative with DIY projects around the home. We hope that this has inspired you and can’t wait to see what you create.