6 Ways to SimpliFi Your Thanksgiving

At HHHunt Homes, we believe it’s how you live that matters which means spending more time enjoying the things you love rather than worrying about the little things. That is why we developed the SimpliFi smart home package. SimpliFi help you save time, energy, money and will provide you and your family with better security and safety. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, we have put together a list of six ways you can SimpliFi your Thanksgiving this year.

1. Get Alexa to Create Your Grocery List: Ever just gotten back from the grocery store only to realize you forgot something? We’ve all been there. Luckily, every HHHunt Home with our SimpliFi package comes with an Amazon Echo to help you stay organized. Alexa can help you put together those pesky grocery lists so that you are prepared when you head to the store. If you do forget something and have Amazon Prime, you can get it delivered quickly by just asking Alexa.

2. Monitor Guest Arrivals or Package Deliveries with Ring: Speaking of deliveries, it seems like there is always a lot of comings and goings around Thanksgiving. Whether it is the post officer delivering your last-minute grocery item or guests arriving for the big meal, you can stay on top of it all with your Ring Video Doorbell. You can check on who is at your door at any time and from anywhere.

3. Set the Mood for the Thanksgiving Feast: It is a proven fact that lighting impacts how we interact with one another. Why not take full advantage of that fact with your Caséta by Lutron lighting system? With the push of a button, your family and guests can enjoy a soft, warmly lit dining room for Thanksgiving dinner.

4. Create the Perfect Atmosphere for Post-Meal Naps: Who doesn’t love a good nap after Thanksgiving dinner? You can create the perfect atmosphere with the Honeywell T6 thermometer. This smart thermometer can be easily adjusted to create the perfect temperature in your house for whatever mood you and your guests are in.

5. Shop Black Friday Deals: Every HHHunt Home with the SimpliFi package comes with whole house wifi. This means everyone in your home can begin shopping for their favorite Black Friday deals on their smartphones or tablets without having to argue over a computer. You can blanket your entire home with safe, reliable wifi coverage.

6. Head Out without Your Keys: Ready to start your holiday shopping? You can leave your home keys behind with the Schlage Sense™ door locks. This keyless system allows you to remotely lock or unlock your door from anywhere. You will never have to worry about racing around the house to find your keys again.

Leave all the stress of the holiday behind with SimpliFi by HHHunt Homes. We wish you, your family, and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving!