At HHHunt, one of our central Brand Promises is to be EMPLOYEE CENTERED. That means we are committed to the well-being of each employee by empowering them, investing in their education, and creating a positive work environment. The educational piece of this promise is especially important to us at HHHunt Homes. Our team is constantly seeking new opportunities to grow professionally so that we can better serve our current and future homeowners. After all, buying a home can be stressful. Every year, we invest in state-of-the art new home sales training to help our sales team members better connect with prospects and deliver a more enjoyable homebuyer experience.  

Last month, our sales teams participated in an another  intensive training program with nationally recognized Shore Consulting. Shore Consulting trainer Amy O’Connor led HHHunt sales teams through four days of training. Shore’s psychology-based training provides New Home Advisors with strategic selling tools focused on understanding the needs of the buyers on a deeper level.  The training blended group classroom interaction and role-play, to actively coach and practice skills  that help guide our buyers through their journey. Each three-month program blends large seminar training with in-field training and weekly Sales Meeting lessons,  ensuring that the principles learned are integrated into daily interactions. Our team loved the opportunity to grow professionally and to learn about the best ways to work with buyers. Amy commented that the HHHunt team is a joy to work with because they believe in training and work hard to master each new lesson.  HHHunt’s commitment to developing team members in this way is  one of the things that sets us  apart from other home builders.

At HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters and investing in our employees is at the heart of that. Since our founding, Harry H. Hunt always believed in life-long learning and our partnership with Shore Consulting is one more example of how we continue that tradition.