Home Efficiency

1 – High-Performance SEER 14 Air Conditioning
Our very efficient 14 SEER air conditioning system cools your home with less electricity. Less electricity means less money out of your pocket and reduced power company emissions.

2 – High-Efficiency Furnace
It’s simple. The higher the home efficiency rating, the less gas/electricity you will need to heat your home. Our highly efficient furnaces operate 10% higher than the standard furnace to improve your comfort and help you save money.

3 – Improved Thermal Envelope System
The thermal envelope can be defined as the sum total of the parts of a building separating the exterior environment from the interior. Within this envelope, windows are one of the biggest energy drains. HHHunt minimizes this loss with low emissivity windows.

4 – Bigger Is No Longer Better In Air Conditioning
HHHunt’s superior building envelope and more efficient ductwork require a smaller air conditioning system. The two main goals of air conditioning are to cool and to dehumidify for optimum comfort. HHHunt air conditioning systems are designed to make you more comfortable and able to control energy usage.

5 – Water Management
Managing clean, potable water is a crucial part of our Green Home program. By using water-saving or low-flow shower heads and faucets, low-consumption commodes and energy-efficient appliances, we give you the ability to reduce internal water usage and help conserve our most precious resource.

6 – Performance Verification
Each and every home we build in our green program is required to undergo independent third party performance verification inspections. This can make a big difference in the performance of your home and its energy savings to you.

7 – Tankless Hot Water Heater
Unlike customary hot water tanks that heat and reheat the same water 24 hours a day, a tankless water heater* is a more efficient way to heat water. Not only will your water heat quickly, but an endless supply will be available as long as you need it.

Other Energy Saving Features In Your HHHunt Home Include:  Energy Star-Qualified Appliances, Programmable Thermostats and CFL Lighting.

A Different Kind of GREEN

At HHHunt Homes, building “Green” means more than just a different approach to building. Our goal is to blend green products, practices, building techniques and unwavering customer service to create a home that is the SMARTER – SAFER – STRONGER choice!

Up to $700 a year in savings compared to a used home!

Save Money & Conserve Resources!

• Smart- Reduced energy costs and lower utility bills to help you save every penny.
• Safe- Conserving our resources and using environmentally friendly materials allow us to help protect the planet for you and generations to come.
• Strong- Sustainable materials and advanced construction techniques give you the valuable and durable home you deserve.



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